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Club Mafia – The Boss by Stella Andrews

★★★★★ The dark was never so good I am The Boss. I am not the monster under your bed, I'm the one dragging you into mine. I make the rules and punish those who break them. I am good at my job. I arranged a marriage of the darkest kind. A business deal to align myself with a powerful family to start a war. The contract is clear. Be my wife in public and strangers in private. And then I met her. Jasmine Rossi. Reluctant mafia princess and rebel without a cause. Strong, brave and foolish. Soft and vulnerable, with curves in all the right places. A siren in combats, ready to do battle. Now I’ve changed the rules and she has no choice. She can fight me all she likes but we both know it’s a losing battle, for her, anyway. I renegotiated our contract to get what I want. To control every part of her and mold her into my ideal woman. One night off a week but the rest are mine, and I intend on doing everything in my power to bring her in line. She may hate me now, but I’m used to that. I will take that passion and use it to my advantage. She is a business deal and must accept her fate. The business of becoming my perfect companion without compromising my heart. Love weakens a man and gives his enemies a way to destroy him. They take what you care about the most and use it against you. It’s why we’re taught not to feel. To shut away our heart to survive. I have only one weakness and it will probably be the death of me. Set my sister free from the most powerful mafia boss in the world right now. There is only room for one knife twisting in my heart, and I am not about to let another one in. I’m about to start a war. Dark, dangerous and full of depravity. This book will wrap you in shadows until you can’t bear the light. Scenes may upset some readers, you have been warned. Bleeding romance and suspense, this book ticks all the boxes. High heat and scenes not for the fainthearted. If you love a dark Mafia romance, you’re in the right place.
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