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Daisy and Bernard by Nick Aaron

When past mistakes come home to roost In the summer of 1989 the Iron Curtain was unraveling, and Daisy Hayes had just become a pensioner who liked to do her ironing while listening to the latest news on the radio. The doorbell chimed. A police officer handed over a summons—printed in Braille. Daisy was being asked to testify about a baffling and gruesome murder, and had to follow the policeman at once. During the ride to New Scotland Yard, even before the first interview took place, the blind lady reflected that, though she knew nothing about this case, she would not be able to prove her innocence without revealing the two murders she actually had committed—many years ago. In an original twist to the “good cop-bad cop” routine, the older police investigator in charge of this strange case seemed to be very much in love with the blind suspect, and encouraged her to come clean and find redemption at long last. “As we have almost come to expect from this author, Nick Aaron playfully tweaks and mixes the conventions of different genres, offering us a compelling murder mystery that is at the same time a heart-rending romance.” – The Weekly Banner This 52k novel is a stand-alone Blind Sleuth Mystery. However, “D for Daisy”, “Blind Angel of Wrath” and “Daisy and Bernard” also form the original “Daisy Hayes Trilogy”. Reading the two other books is certainly useful in that respect.
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