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Forbidden Knots by A. eM.

SHADOW From the moment I saw her across my window, from the moment I saw her smile, I knew she would bring rain to my meadow. I needed this rain, but I got a storm instead. Watching her from behind, adoring her from afar, I was captivated. I wanted rain, and I wanted the storm. I wanted her, and I wanted her to be mine. I needed her, and she needed Shadow. STORM I remember there was light, then there was shadow. I remember there was me, and then there was him. It was me before him, and now it was me with him. After him, it wasn't an option—he didn't give me one, and I didn't even want it. I wanted to stay in forever with him because I didn't like who I was before him, and I wouldn't enjoy myself after him. I remember there was freedom, then there was a shadow. I remember there was loneliness, and now I will never be alone. He will always be here, behind me, watching me, following me. I will be before him, never free, but never alone again. I will be his storm on a sunny day, and he will be my shadow in the sunshine. I will be his rain, and he will be my cold. I will be his light, and he will be my dark.
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