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The Ravens’ Augury by L J Shea

Two bodies are discovered bludgeoned to death in Kent woodland. Six ravens are feasting on the corpses. It is springtime in 1413 and Henry V is now on the throne of feudal England. The Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 had begun the great shift towards democracy and the country is recovering from the ravages of the Black Death. Wat Baudin is a man on the up in this brave new world and is returning from his duties as an alderman at the assizes in Maidstone. He can sit in judgement on the lower classes but the noble families of the land remain a law unto themselves. When Wat and his colleagues happen upon the unfortunate murder victims, he is only too aware of the superstition that still surrounds the macabre presence of that posse of birds. They are a sign of more death to follow... The Ravens’ Augury is a classic tale of intrigue and plotting during a turbulent period of English history which L J Shea captures faithfully. L J Shea resides in her native rural Australia with her two sons, where she teaches English and history. She spends her spare time studying history, reading historical fiction, and spoiling her dogs, cats and horses, whom she counts amongst her dearest friends.
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