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A God’s Promise by Kayla Maya

Perfect for fans of From Blood and Ash, A Touch of Darkness, andWhere Ocean's Burn. Inspired by the Nordic legend of The Kidnapping of Idun Defy the gods Break her curse And above all, do not fall in love with the God of Mischief. Twenty-year-old Eira has lived her entire life on the run. Cursed with magical runes on her arms, she’s been sought after by every mythical creature imaginable. Talented thief and deadly with a blade, Eira has managed to stay hidden—until a tall, dark, and devilishly handsome man comes seeking her out on her twenty-first birthday. Kol has a proposition for her. Steal the goddess Inkari's Apple and gain eternal life. However, Eira has a far better idea, one that might cost her, her life and one that might turn the Nine Realms upside down.
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