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‘Suffused with atmosphere from the first page to the last’ ‘Abounds with stylistically creative flourishes’ A History of Love and Now is a story of love and mystery set in Ireland in 1977. Anise, a lonely seventeen-year-old, becomes enchanted by a creature’s captivating gaze that seems almost human. This mysterious encounter leads her to meet the enigmatic Connor, and together, they embark on a thrilling adventure to uncover the dark and murderous secrets of her family’s isolated rural home. However, she begins to suspect that Connor may be hiding deadly secrets of his own. As Anise delves deeper, she realises that Ireland’s tumultuous past never dies, and danger looms as history unravels. Anise must risk everything—her love for Connor, her trust, and her life—to uncover the truth and prevent history from repeating itself. Although A.S. Mink was born in a different country, she developed strong ties to Ireland during her formative years. And like many Irish writers, she believes in a touch of magic. After completing a Faber Academy course, she was shortlisted with her novella Dog’s Cottage in Mslexia’s Novella competition. The magical countryside described in A History of Love and Now entrances Anise to discover the facts and circumstances of a murder committed two centuries ago. She finds a dark and deadly secret that threatens everything she holds dear, but she must discover the truth and uncover the secrets Brackfar Castle holds before history starts to repeat itself… Beautifully written and completely immersive, this exceptional historical debut with elements from magical realism is perfect for fans of Trespasses and Wuthering Heights – A History of Love and Now by A.S. Mink. A heartwarming and tragic love affair – a thrilling journey of discovery. A History of Love and Now is alive with imagination, abounds with stylistically creative flourishes and is suffused with atmosphere from the first page to the last – Anna South, The Literary Consultancy. [The] writing is highly accomplished, and [She has] a fascinating double narrative (or triple narrative if you count the folktale). The main setting, 1970s Ireland during the height of the Troubles, is a bold one and works really well – lots of material for plot and character conflict, which makes for a powerful story – Freda Warrington, Cornerstones Literary Consultancy. [The] story is incredibly imaginative and unique. […] [Mink’s] writing style is wonderful and so readable – Frances Senn, Blue Pencil Agency – Literary Consultants.
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