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A Murder in Longhand by Lisa Pevey

A dead body is not something you want to find in the walk-in freezer of a fancy trattoria! But that is just what happens to our humble lettering artist, Mila Breaux. When she is contracted to hand letter the menus for the newest Italian restaurant in her small town of Monchac, Louisiana, it isn’t all penne and chianti. Apparently, there is something funky going on at the new joint, and it isn’t the expired fish! That’s because she’s stumbled upon a corpsicle—the body of a pretty young woman who had her whole life ahead of her. And an artist, too! Just like Mila herself. Unfortunately, the Lettering Detective is the only one who seems interested in finding out the truth about what happened to the girl in the freezer, as those that own and run the restaurant seem in a rush to sweep it all under the rug. Mila will need to enlist the help of her best friend, Critter Girl, along with a new furry ally who has decided to join them for this adventure. Can they get to the bottom of what happened to the frozen girl before it is too late? Or will asking too many questions get the gang in hot water? "A Murder in Longhand" is a cozy full of delicious twists, mouth-watering food, and adorable critters. It is sure to tease your brain and put your deduction skills to the test in a relaxing manner, right up until the end! If you want to experience small town life with heaps of Louisiana charm, the adventure is just one-click away! So hit the buy button and rejoin Mila and the gang as they unwrap a tamale of a mystery. The book is a cozy one. That means no bad language and no gore. Just a fun and mysterious adventure set in a sleepy bayou town where everyone knows each other—for better or worse! This is a standalone novel, with a complete story and no cliffhangers. It can be read on its own, but readers of the whole “Lettering Detective” series are sure to have an even richer experience. So, grab a warm blanket and a cup of chamomile: it is time to head back down to bayou country for another grand old time!
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