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A Talent for Revenge by John Cutter

Don't miss out on the new Vince Bellator series from John Cutter. Killing was more than just a living for Jack Sullivan. It was a mission. Sullivan is a mercenary with a talent for revenge. He is no kill-crazy psychopath – he works for a cause, and for what he believes in. Left a broken man after his marriage was cut short by his wife’s violent death, Sullivan turns his back on his violent lifestyle. That is, until he meets Julia Penn. Beautiful and vulnerable, Julia’s plight brings Sullivan out of retirement. Julia had been tortured by Magg Ottowa – an African dictator. And she needs Sullivan to hunt him down. Motivated by a fortune in cold cash, and the attention of an attractive woman, Sullivan finds himself unable to resist… A Talent for Revenge is the first thrilling installment in The Specialist series. John Cutter is the author of The Specialist novels, which inspired the Sylvester Stallone movie of the same name. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
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