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An Inconvenient Monday by Ginette Guy Mayer

Meet Detective Sergeant Henry Stafford, the unassuming cop who thrives on simple pleasures, like a robust cup of coffee and the promise of a slow Monday in Winchester, Ontario. But when a murder case with a deeply personal connection lands on his desk, his world turns far from ordinary. The victim is someone Stafford knew, and he's the first to arrive at the scene, where secrets begin to unravel. With a roster of potential suspects, the question lingers: who's the real culprit? And as family secrets come to light, the small-town calm of Chesterville shatters, leading to the unsettling possibility of more violence. Showing unexpected depths Stafford uses both instinct and evidence in the pursuit of justice. As he navigates the complexities of the investigation, Stafford must also confront the shambles of his personal life. Can things get any worse when his wife runs away with the neighbour, his typewriter is replaced by a computer -- AND someone is making flavoured coffee! Or are those events only opportunities in disguise? The arrival of a single mother and her two children next door ushers in unexpected changes, challenging his penchant for an uncomplicated routine. Can this dedicated officer hold on when his ordinary life is shaken off its foundation? Set in rural southeastern Ontario in 1984, 'An Inconvenient Monday' is the tale, told with a light touch of humour, of one man's journey back to slow Mondays.
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