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Art Trap by Stuart Doughty

PI John Kite's car explodes under him. An alluring woman rescues him. Or does she? Is she a divine saviour, or a deadly stalker? Chasing stolen paintings, ex-cop Kite discovers an oligarch is targeting a cache of almost perpetual wealth, hidden deep inside one of the world's poorest countries. Kite rescues a lost soul in a foreign market, and is attacked by the adventurous woman who supposedly rescued him. To stop the Russian’s empire-building, he battles not just the oligarch's private army, but also the west's own secret services as he tries to save a desperate nation from being pillaged. A “feelgood thriller”. "Another cracking good story." "Sixth big hit in a row." "Cleverly plotted, well paced, with enough bumps and twists to keep it interesting. Gave you that urge to rush to the finish." (Amazon Reviews)
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