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Artist I Am by Fish Phillips

A Masterpiece Destroyed. A Culprit Unknown. The Answer Unprecedented. In the glittering world of international art, a high-stakes investigation will challenge the limits of technology and human ingenuity. A contentious art auction reduces a priceless masterpiece to ashes, prompting the call for retired INTERPOL director Nick Stirling to lead a covert task force tasked with uncovering the truth. But as Nick and his team dig deeper into the mystery, they soon realize that there's more to the case than meets the eye. In a world where state-of-the-art technology blurs the distinction between what is real and what is not, they must navigate risky technological terrains where appearances can be deceiving. From the gleaming halls of corporate headquarters to the shadowy back alleys of the dark web, the international investigation takes Nick and his team on a pulse-pounding journey through the underbelly of the digital world. As they race against time to unravel the truth, they must confront their own demons and grapple with the ethical dilemmas posed by a brave new world powered by artificial intelligence. With the fate of the art world hanging in the balance, Nick and his team must use every tool at their disposal to uncover the truth before their tricky nemesis destroys more priceless works. "Artist I Am" is a gripping technothriller that combines heart-stopping action with thought-provoking exploration of the ethical implications of technology in the world of art. With its richly drawn characters, intricately woven plot, and pulse-pounding suspense, this novel will keep readers guessing until the very last page.
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