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Athena Unleashed by W. Michael Gear

Prepare to have your perspective on Hollywood, fame, and your own genetic makeup forever transformed by the first installment in The Athena Trilogy, a gripping series by New York Times bestselling author W. Michael Gear. Sheela Marks, her new Oscar in hand, has just reached the peak of Hollywood fame, commanding a staggering thirty million dollars per film. Stalked by all, her safety depends on her bodyguard, Lymon Bridges. When Sheela falls victim to a brutal assault in a New York hotel corridor, Bridges embarks on a relentless quest for truth, joining forces with disgraced FBI agent Christal Anaya. But Sheela’s high-profile attack is just the tip of the iceberg—other celebrities are being victimized in high-profile burglaries and attacks all across the country. As Anaya and Bridges become embroiled in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, their mysterious stalkers manipulate them like pawns in a sinister plot. And a pivotal question looms: who or what is Genesis Athena? Multi-layered and written with engaging wit and suspense, Athena Unleashed is an eerily compelling story of greed, exploitation…and obsession. Don’t miss this enthralling journey into the depths of intrigue and mystery today.
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