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August Origins by Alan Lee

A homicide detective hunts a ritualistic killer inside a city high school. Mackenzie August’s new life doesn’t suit him. When he quit the LAPD to open a private cop shop, he expected to settle naturally into a quieter lifestyle, hiring out to law firms, home by dinner. Now, however, the feisty detective is bored and missing the action of a hot homicide investigation. Sheriff Stackhouse comes knocking at the right time. Three teenage girls have been murdered in the past twelve months, victims of a brutal rite-of-passage ceremony. Clues indicate the killer has ties to the inner city school, but the police can’t catch him. They need a man on the inside. They need Mackenzie, an outsider, to go undercover and find the killer. An impossible task, Mackenzie would be a bull in a china shop. But if anyone can pull it off… It’s the next great detective, Mackenzie August. AN AMAZON MYSTERY BEST SELLER ★★★★★ "Not your standard cops and robbers. Fast paced, quick-witted, and intelligent." ★★★★★ "I haven't devoured a series like this in a long time." - Nathan Van Coops Start reading Mackenzie August today!
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