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Autopsy of a Fairytale by Nicole Scarano

Beauty & the Beast meets Criminal Minds in this Murder Mystery Romantic Suspense After an attack on the job, Homicide Detective Isobel ‘Bel’ Emerson takes her dog and moves to the small town of Bajka in search of a less stressful life and career, but the quaint town’s peace is disturbed when a local furniture designer is murdered, his body posed to look like a human chandelier. Thrust back into the fray, Bel must confront her personal demons as she investigates an impossible case, and as bodies turned into household objects start to pile up, all clues point to the reclusive millionaire who just bought the abandoned mansion at the edge of town. Eamon Stone is as dangerous as he is handsome, and Bel can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to his presence in Bajka than meets the eye. Something about him is familiar, and while she knows he’s a threat, she can’t fight his pull. Like a moth to the flame, she’s drawn to the man stalking her, to the only murder suspect they have, and Bel fears he craves her blood as much as she craves his presence. She fears he is the evil hunting this town... the beast hunting her. Loosely inspired by Beauty & the Beast, Autopsy of a Fairytale is a crime series romantic suspense perfect for those who like dark fairytales, murder mystery procedurals (like AMC's The Killing or NBC's Hannibal), romance, found family, and a hint of fantasy. Each book will be based on a different fairytale, but Bel (and her Beast) will connect them all, her story ending on small cliffhangers in each book.
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