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The key to life is in your zodiac chart -- the ultimate tool to help you understand yourself, discover your life’s meaning, and take control of your future


Why do I feel anxious all the time? When will I find ‘the one’? What is my purpose in this life?


We’re all on a never-ending quest for guidance, answers, and solutions.


You may spend hours completing personality tests, reading self-help books, or visiting a tarot reader who will give you a glimpse of your fate.

That’s the main reason why behavioral astrology exists -- to answer questions about you.



It’s only natural that you want to know yourself better, make sense of the world around you, and seek out tools to help you overcome challenges.


That’s the main reason why behavioral astrology exists -- to answer questions about you.


Astrology is often thought of as a form of entertainment.


In fact, many people never go beyond reading their daily horoscopes and obsessively checking compatibility with their crush.


This surface knowledge doesn’t begin to cover the astrological wisdom of the stars shared across lifetimes of study and practice.


When you take the time to go deeper into your natal chart, you will start to uncover:


       The planetary influence in your life

       The karmic past you didn’t know you had

       And how celestial bodies can impact your patterns of behavior


With this renewed self-awareness, you can begin to truly understand what you need for a life of love, success, and prosperity.


In Behavioral Astrology, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:


       A cosmic blueprint to uncover your full potential, tap into a world of possibilities, and know exactly what your soul needs from this lifetime

       The foundations of astrological science explained -- go deeper into zodiac signs, birth charts, and compatibility

       Step-by-step instructions for creating, reading, and interpreting your birth chart (symbols and glyphs glossary included) 

       How to live your life with exceptional purpose -- understand the subconscious impact of planets, aspects, and asteroids on your behavior

       Mindfulness tools to shine a light on the deep inner workings of your heart, psyche, and soul

       A glimpse into your past and a map into a bright future with the help of south and north nodes

       The practical steps rooted in astrology to unblock your path to growth, evolution, and healthy relationships


And much more.

Whether you’re just astro-curious or you’re a seasoned astrology enthusiast, this handbook is a must-have!

The concepts of sun, moon, and rising signs you think you understand… are unpacked in greater depth than ever.

Know how to be the best possible version of yourself, cultivate only the right kind of relationships, and understand the core reasons you are here on this earth.

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