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When her lifelong love ghosts her, Olivia will do anything to win him back—even the unthinkable. Olivia is desperate to reconnect with James, her childhood sweetheart, after he cuts off contact because she refused his alarming request. James' alluring friend Kate promises to help reconcile them, but first needs Olivia's assistance with a "small favor" to get a problematic co-worker out of the way. Reluctantly agreeing to Kate's twisted scheme, Olivia poisons her former friend Valerie, convinced this sacrifice will regain James' affections. But darkness descends upon Valerie and calculating Kate remains a dangerous adversary. Threatening Kate with evidence of their crime, Olivia seizes control, blinded by obsession and convinced the end justifies the means. As police investigate Valerie’s fate, can Olivia conceal her betrayal and loss of morality? Or will her desperate gambit for lost love ultimately lead to her own destruction? Twisted secrets, lethal lies, and scandalous betrayal converge in this riveting psychological thriller that will make you question—how far would you fall for true love?
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