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Body by the Docks by Diane M Dickson

A cruel murder forces a Liverpool family to confront their past The discovery of the badly burned corpse of a woman on an estate near the docks has DI Jordan Carr very worried. Especially as no one has been reported missing. But there is one family who are grieving in private. Four siblings who have guessed the victim must be their mother. Four individuals who fear that the family’s Irish past has finally crept up on them. Good police work leads DI Carr to the victim’s house but he is met with hostility. Even so, when the youngest daughter, Molly, goes missing with her small child, he makes it his personal mission to find her. This will force the detective into conflict with his impossible bullying boss, DCI Cross, who seems intent on undermining his efforts. Showing his tenacious side, Carr will have to go against procedure to find Molly, her child, and a killer. BODY BY THE DOCKS is the second murder mystery by Diane Dickson with protagonist DI Jordan Carr. It can be enjoyed as a standalone or as part of the series. The full list of books is as follows: 1. BODY ON THE SHORE 2. BODY BY THE DOCKS 3. BODY OUT OF PLACE 4. BODY IN THE SQUAT 5. BODY IN THE CANAL 6. BODY ON THE ESTATE 7. BODY BELOW THE BRIDGE All FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback!
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