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Burned Too Hot by Ann Voss Peterson

A SERIAL ARSONIST Someone is setting fire to the town of Lake Loyal, Wisconsin, one building at a time. And Police Chief Valerie Ryker, and her former love, Assistant Fire Chief David Lund, have a hunch who's behind it. A SPECTER FROM THE PAST Serial Killer Dixon Hess almost destroyed Val's life, along with everyone close to her. He's vowed revenge. But how can his influence of evil still be spreading when he's safely locked up in the county jail? AN INNOCENT CHILD The link is a kidnapped toddler. Hess's son. And some people will stop at nothing to see father and child reunited. Even if that means burning everything to the ground. From nationally bestselling romantic suspense author Ann Voss Peterson comes the second novel in the Val Ryker thriller series, following her hit Pushed Too Far. BURNED TOO HOT by Ann Voss Peterson Don't play with fire...