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Can’t Stop Me by James Scott Bell

How far will a man go to protect his family? For lawyer Sam Trask, it is farther than he ever thought possible, even in his worst nightmare. Because his worst nightmare is about to come true. At age forty-seven, attorney Sam Trask finally seems to have his life in order. The dark years of too much drinking and self-seeking ambition are behind him. His marriage is solid again. Everything seems finally on the right track. Until a voice from the past comes back to say hello. Suddenly, Sam faces a danger more real than he ever imagined—danger from someone who will not rest until Sam's life comes crashing down around him. Desperate, Sam seeks protection from the law to which he has dedicated his life. But when the threats are turned on his family, and the law seems powerless to protect them, Sam must consider a choice that strikes at the heart of his life and faith—whether to take the law into his own hands. (This book was originally titled No Legal Grounds when it was published in 2007. It has been lightly edited, but remains true to its time and place.) “You've got mail” equals “You've got trouble" in this impossible-to-put-down thriller. Bell's straight-from-the-headlines tale will raise the hair on your neck for one important reason: it could happen to any of us. Empowered by his firsthand knowledge of the legal system, the Christy Award-winning former trial lawyer paints a picture of just how vulnerable our secrets—and families—are, in the age of Internet stalkers. First-rate suspense with a fiery action-movie climax! – Christine Lord, CBD Reviews His most compelling, fingernail-biting thriller to-date. If you have never read a James Scott Bell novel, this is the one you won’t want to miss! – Phillip Tomasso III, In The Library Review
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