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CapWar ELECTION by Brandt Legg

It’s not a conspiracy if it’s real. It’s not real if you’re not alive to talk about it. A group of wealthy businessmen decides the public is ready for a "regular guy" to be president of the United States. They choose a nobody - Hudson Pound owns a small chain of hardware stores. They convince him he will win. Now he's running…for his life. Truth and lies blur as his backers forge a reality that serves their scheme. Navigating the political season's brutal storms, he discovers dangerous secrets. Hudson has a secret of his own, one that will prove far more lethal. A famous reporter relentlessly pursues him, will she live long enough to uncover the mystery from Hudson's past? In a campaign fueled by record amounts of cash, the one thing Hudson cannot afford is to trust anyone. Caught between trouble and terror, his only way out is to go in deeper. For fans of Baldacci, Find out why a million copies of USA Today bestselling author, Brandt Legg's books have been sold/downloaded worldwide. "Riveting . . . keeps the reader glued to its pages until the end." -- Hall of Fame Reviewer ★★★★★ "The twists have twists, an incredibly wild ride!" -- Book Reviewer ★★★★★
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