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Case in the Clinic by E. C. R. Lorac

Case in the Clinic by E.C.R. Lorac is a classic mystery novel featuring Chief Inspector Robert Macdonald. The story is set in a quiet English village where the seemingly peaceful life is disrupted by a perplexing murder. Dr. Raymond Ferens, a well-regarded local doctor, is found dead in his clinic. The circumstances of his death are suspicious, leading to an investigation by Chief Inspector Macdonald. As Macdonald digs deeper, he uncovers a host of potential suspects, each with their own secrets and motives. The village is filled with intriguing characters, including Dr. Ferens' wife, local residents, and other members of the medical community, all of whom add layers of complexity to the case. Macdonald must navigate the intricate web of relationships and hidden agendas to uncover the truth.
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