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Case of the Ice Cream Crime by Jeffrey Poole

Zack and Jillian rush home from their previous case at the distressing news that her kitchen shop, Cookbook Nook, has been broken into and ransacked. It’s a puzzle indeed, when it appears the only thing the thief took were some tubs of ice cream from the café section of the store. Luckily, her security cameras caught the thief in the act. Now they just have to locate him. But things get complicated when the thief is found murdered. And so is his next of kin, and that’s when the police pretty much hit a dead end. Two jurisdictions are involved—it’s Pomme Valley versus Medford. A bet takes place between the two police chiefs, as each races to put their best detectives on the case to figure out why anyone would steal very specific flavors of ice cream, leaving others behind. More ice cream stores are targeted, and the stakes ramp up. Sherlock and Watson and Zack are on the case (for the Pomme Valley team, of course). Zack has a lot riding on the hope that the dogs can spot enough clues to put the whole story together. Readers are loving these indomitable dog sleuths. Meet Zack and the corgis, Sherlock and Watson, in this delightfully humorous cozy mystery series that pulls you right in. Praise for Jeffrey Poole and the Corgi Case Files: “I can't wait for the next book. I love mysteries and animals, so these books are perfect reading for me. Sherlock is a small furry Jessica Fletcher.” – H. Dudley, 5 stars online review “A great introduction to the characters in the Corgi Case Files mystery series. Sherlock is brilliant!” J.D. – 5 stars for Case of the One-Eyed Tiger “The best thing--this guy loves the corgis, as I do, and he describes their behavior very well. Looking forward to future stories.” – 5 stars, Amazon “An intriguing story with a wonderful cast of characters. The plot was excellent and filled with twists and turns it kept my interest to the very end!” – 5 stars on Amazon “I absolutely love this series. If you like a good story, great characters and seriously smart and lovable canines, you’ll love this book. Start with the first book and work your way through the Corgi Case Files. They just keep getting better.” – K. Underwood, 5 stars online review
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