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Cast the First Stone by David James Warren

“Cast the First Stone is a mind-bender of the first order. Fast paced, strong characters, great twists and Rembrandt Stone is a hero I predict will be grabbing readers around the throat for a long time. This is one to pick up because you won’t want to put it down.” Ted Dekker – New York Times bestselling author One case haunts him. One chance to fix the past. One mistake could cost him everything. Ex-Minneapolis Police Detective Rembrandt Stone walked away from a career he loved—just the price of being sure he can come home to the wife and daughter he cherishes. But he can’t shake the deep regret over a case left behind. When his mentor, the former Chief of Homicide dies and leaves Rembrandt with a box of cold cases and a mysterious watch, he finds himself thrust into a world he recognizes—a world from twenty years ago—the same world he’s woken from in a cold sweat a hundred times. But is it a dream, or some kind of twisted reality? If he solves the case that plagues him, and justice is finally served, will it destroy the life he loves? Strap in for a mind-bending, time travel thrill ride in Book One of this riveting new series, The True Lies of Rembrandt Stone. From the creative pens of USA Today bestselling author Susan May Warren*, award-winning author James L. Rubart**, and new voice, David Curtis Warren, writing collectively as David James Warren. *USA Today, March 2016 **Christy Hall of Fame November 2019 “Cast the First Stone grabs the crime genre by the collar and shows it a thing or two! With time travel, cold cases, and flawed, relatable characters who feel like old friends, this story hooked me from the very first line. Sleep? Who needs sleep? Give me a True Lies of Rembrandt Stone novel. Masterful writing from three powerhouse storytellers.” -NYT bestselling author Tosca Lee "Holy what?! DO NOT MISS THIS STORY! David James Warren kills it with this time-travel story that explores regrets and mistakes and the importance of living in the now. I tried explaining to Rembrandt Stone the dangers of messing with the timeline, but would he listen? Of course, not. This was truly a riveting story that gutted me! Now. Where the fluff is book 2? -Ronie Kendig, author of the bestselling, award-winning The Tox Files The True Lies of Rembrandt Stone Book 1: Cast the First Stone Book 2: No Unturned Stone Book 3: Sticks and Stone Book 4: Set in Stone Book 5: Blood from a Stone Book 6: Heart of Stone
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