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Changing Tides by Veronica Mixon

AFTER KATELYN LANDER’S EX-HUSBAND DIES in a tragic car accident that her son witnesses, she quits her high-powered banking career and returns to her hometown of Savannah. Her belief that the Low Country's slower, more peaceful life will be the perfect place for her son to heal is quickly upended when a slew of dead bodies connected to Katelyn’s family wash ashore like decaying fish in a red tide, turning a US Marshal's interest in her family into an obsession. US Marshal Nathan Parsi is convinced the esteemed Landers family's financial success is derived from laundering money. But when Katelyn Landers' son is kidnapped, and Nathan faces evidence his team has a snitch, he's forced to reassess whether Katelyn is really the cunning and heartless nemesis he's vowed to bring to justice or simply an innocent, unwitting pawn in a high stakes game of life and death. Some family secrets are worth millions––others are smoke and mirrors. Which is Katelyn’s? If you enjoyed the page-turning suspense "The Last Thing He Told Me" or Grisham's "The Firm" you'll be on the edge of your seat with this thrilling read.
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