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Christmas Crime in Kingfisher Falls by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Starting over has never been more dangerous. Charlotte Dean loves her new job at the bookshop in the small town of Kingfisher Falls. One day she will buy the store when Rosie retires, but for now she's content to learn the ropes and forget her troubled past. Even the snobby book club ladies can't dampen her spirits. But when a strange series of crimes casts suspicion on all the wrong people - including Charlotte - she can't stand back and watch. With Rosie more than happy to help, Charlotte begins her own investigation into Christmas tree thieves and a vendetta against a local family. With the community divided and criminals on the loose, the annual Christmas Eve street party is about to change lives forever, and Charlotte is the only one who can prevent a disaster. So much for keeping her head down. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a rewritten version of a book previously published under the titles DEADLY START and before that THE CHRISTMAS TREE THIEF. The author has the rights back from a publisher and has done a light rewrite with a few new scenes and changed the title and cover. The entire Charlotte Dean series will progressively be released with light rewrites, new covers, and new titles.
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