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Cold Case by Mike Faricy

Mike Faricy is the winner of the Crime Master’s of America Poison Cup Award. COLD CASE There’s a serial killer in the city and the police are stymied. Women’s bodies, dressed in white slips and wedding veils, are being left in city parks. The police are desperate to find the killer before he strikes again. They need someone who thinks outside the lines. Someone with a fresh set of eyes. Who better than the city’s laziest private investigator, Dev Haskell? As Dev meets with family, friends, and workmates of the victims one thing becomes clear— No one has a clue! Someone, somewhere, has to know something! Don't they? Meanwhile, Dev’s life on the romance circuit seems about to change… and not for the better! It appears Taffy’s friend, Allison, thinks Taffy should raise her standards. Right now, about the only sure thing in Dev’s life is Morton, his Golden Retriever. "Cold Case is Dev Haskell at his best. Between Detective Sergeant Norris Manning trying to charge him with every crime in the city and Allison Dankwell attempting to ruin his romance with Taffy, Dev has his hands full. What better time to try and solve 6 cold case murders…" Crime Capers
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