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Corridor Man by Mike Faricy

HE DID ALL THE RIGHT THINGS--AND THEN THE BODIES STARTED PILING UP... Disbarred attorney Bobby Custer won the lottery. After serving four years of a seven-year sentence, he gets an offer he can’t refuse – from the feds. Suddenly he’s out – out of jail, but also totally cast out of his old life: shunned by family and friends, living in a bare studio apartment, working the hallways and back alleys of the legal game and finding plenty of shady goings-on. You could almost feel for the guy – a young man tempted by the high life could make a mistake he regrets and end up losing everything. But as the bodies start piling up, you have to wonder if there’s something about Bobby that’s just not … right. Chilling and action-packed, The first in the Corridor Man series exposes a dark, violent undercurrent just beneath the surface of “perfectly legal and above-board”. Grab Your Copy NOW! "A combination of Breaking Bad and House of Cards. Corridor Man is a sinister, disturbing thriller that's bound to keep you awake at night." "The author has nailed it. The all too dark side of our legal industry, and the type of character we're all too afraid to admit exists!" The Dirty Lowdown The FIRST book in the Corridor Man series, the series should be read in order. The Corridor Man series is written by Mike Faricy and was initially released under the pseudonym Nick James.
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