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D for Daisy by Nick Aaron

World War II. During the attacks on Berlin in the winter of 1943-44, wave after wave of British bombers swept over northern Europe and dropped their lethal loads on the German capital. A fair percentage of the bombers would fail to return from these operations, and RAF planners calculated the life expectancy of the airmen in weeks rather than months. Therefore it did not seem strange when a Lancaster named D-Daisy landed at its base in England after a bombing run, and a member of the crew was found dead. However, one person soon came to the conclusion that this man had been murdered. And the person who discovered this happened to be blind since birth. Her name was Daisy and she was the victim’s wife. She was very blonde and very pretty; also very young. Therefore, no one would listen to her. So she was going to have to find the murderer on her own. “Using the carefully plotted twists and turns of the murder mystery, throwing in a highly unconventional blind sleuth with her very own take on the world, Nick Aaron lifts the genre to a more thoughtful level.” — The Weekly Banner This 62k novel is a stand-alone Blind Sleuth Mystery The concept of this series is simple: the sleuth is a blind woman, and she solves a mystery in each novel. All these stand-alone mysteries taken together form an overview of the half-century between World War II and the fall of the Berlin Wall, and narrate the life story of Daisy Hayes. It is not necessary to read the books in any particular order, but most readers just love sticking to the correct chronology: 1943: D for Daisy 1946: First Spring in Paris 1952: Honeymoon in Rio 1956: Cockett’s Last Cock-up 1960: Murder on the High Sea 1964: The Desiderata Stone 1967: Blind Angel of Wrath 1972: Berlin Fall 1984: The Nightlife of the Blind 1986: Daisy’s Pushkin Duel 1989: Daisy and Bernard 1992: The Desiderata Gold AD 67: The Desiderata Riddle AD 76: Desiderata's Lost Cause 1990s: Back to Africa 1990s: The Icarus case An unusual sleuth Daisy Hayes was born in London in 1922. Her father was a bank manager, hoping for a son, but he had to settle for a blind daughter. Now what do you do when your child is blind since birth and you have the means to do all that is necessary to help her? You hire a private tutor to stimulate her verbal abilities in the first years of her life, because you realize how vital language will become for her. Then you send her to an exclusive school where everything is done to develop the minds and resourcefulness of blind girls. There they teach them all these fancy techniques of spatial orientation and mind mapping. And before you know it, your darling daughter has acquired an exceptional intellect that just seems to draw murder mysteries like a magnet… In combination with this unusual sleuth, Nick Aaron enlists the techniques of the page turner to create an enjoyable reading experience: well-written prose, clever plots, and surprising characters. Unputdownable.
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