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Dared to Run by J.J. Clarke

A corrupt deputy who always gets what he wants. An inexperienced college grad who’s in over her head. A haunting chase that could end in blood. Kate Anderson relies on her instincts. But when the young bond investigator meets a handsome stranger at a firearms training session, she stifles her impulse to run the other way and instead agrees to dinner. And after the man becomes physically violent, Kate isn’t sure how to dodge his frightening infatuation without sacrificing everything she’s worked to achieve. Struggling to explain the depths of her fear, the young rookie’s sense of isolation and panic grows as she scrambles to stay one step ahead of her stalker’s twisted mind. But though she gets support building a saferoom and adopts a dog for protection, she knows anything she does to fight back will just make his obsession worse. Is death the only escape from his dangerous pursuit? Dared to Run is the heart-stopping first book in the Kate Anderson Mysteries series. If you like fierce heroines, page-turning action, and touches of humor, then you’ll love J. J. Clarke’s pulse-pounding novel. Buy Dared to Run to break the rules today!
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