When a teenage prank has terrifying consequences, two dogged paranormal investigators race to discover the preternatural truth. Ladso’s romantic ideas border on old-fashioned. Recently engaged to his mercurial investigative partner, the caring man tries to balance his desire to be her shield while respecting her fierce independence. But settling into their new living arrangements takes a back seat when he receives an email about sick students, troubling animal behavior, and an ancient Osage curse. Heading to Missouri, he’s horrified by the signs of neurological impairment that began soon after the teenagers blew up a spring with dynamite. And in desperate need of clarity, he calls on a detective colleague when a third teen is found dead and a girl’s seemingly unrelated murder hints at a deadly conspiracy. Unsure whether they face a natural or otherworldly foe, can Ladso put a stop to the fatal phenomenon? Dark Waters is an unnerving supernatural thriller. If you like couples who have each other’s back, bizarre puzzles, and compelling twists and turns, then you’ll adore T.M. Kehoe’s harrowing glimpse into the beyond. Buy Dark Waters to leave the past buried today!
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