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DARKER THAN BLONDE by Jonathan Bundick

A blonde. A murder, and millions in hidden gold. Can a battle-hardened veteran hope to survive? Alan Lawson is on the hunt. After years of killing the Taliban as a special forces team leader, he leaves the military and returns home to a life without purpose. But he’s shocked into action when two cops show up, accusing him of murder. Determined to track down the stunning blonde that set the frame, Alan enlists the help of a fellow Green Beret. Together they unravel her past, and learn the dark secrets of a life gone wrong. Each step brings them closer to finding her, but when a key witness turns up dead, Alan fears he may be next. With no other leads, and the law closing in, will Alan find her in time, and prove his innocence, or will his life end, convicted of murder? This gripping Mystery Action novel is perfect for people who like twisting plots with multiple suspects, and elusive witnesses on the run. Buy a copy today, and discover Alan’s fate, and the killer’s secret obsession.
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