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Will Harper’s back at it again, as he makes a heartrending discovery: a gritty underbelly of modern-day slavery has been operating right in his own backyard. When Will’s informant, a terrified Guatemalan teenage immigrant who’s just escaped the elegant compound where she was enslaved as a maid, is forced to run from the hired goons sent to capture her, Will knows he has to investigate. With a network that includes corrupt farmers, ruthless coyotes, scheming Russian mobsters and countless henchmen, Will knows it’s only a matter of time until they catch up to his informant and silence her for good. As he and his live-in girlfriend Callie work to expose the rampant slavery in Florida and find the girl’s missing siblings, Will stumbles on to his biggest mission yet. But will he be able to crack open this slavery ring in time or will the girls become a victim to the Deadly Traffic?
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