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Death of a Young Lieutenant by B.R. Stateham

Jake Reynolds is an art thief. A master artist who can create an exact replica of any famous canvas, in intricate detail. So precise and elegant is his work that even today, hanging on the walls of the most prestigious museums and art galleries around the world, are some of his brilliant recreations. It's the early 20th century, and this brilliant criminal is destined to rub shoulders with the famous and infamous. From Churchill to Mengele, Wright brothers to Picasso. In one fashion or another, he would know them all. But for a lucky and daring man, Jake is plagued with one unlucky, debilitating weakness. Every time he stumbles upon the corpse of a murder victim, a peculiar sense of outrage takes over him. Even though he's a criminal himself, something within him rebels at the thought of a murderer getting away after committing such a heinous crime. Compelled by this, Jake is determined to find any killer that comes across his way, and bring them to justice. And when they do, Jake has no choice. The hunt is on. Whoever said Fate smiled upon the unlucky? A compelling historical mystery, 'Death Of A Young Lieutenant' is the first book in B.R. Stateham's Jake Reynolds Mysteries series.
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