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Dirty Money by Rob Wilbur

"Dirty Money by Rob Wilbur plunges readers into the gritty underbelly of financial crime, merging the worlds of money laundering and human trafficking into a heart-pounding narrative." – J1 Saratoga Union Bank has a money laundering problem. A BIG problem. Enter Jake Barrow, internal fraud investigator, sent on assignment to discover the source of the dirty money. With the help of his ex-army CID buddy, Dirk Sogard, they follow the money trail all the way to the Cayman Islands. What they find instead is shocking. It’s a human trafficking ring—an underage flesh pipeline of cheap labor for the right price. Jake is determined to find WHO is behind it all. As events unfold, the truth begins to shake out: a greedy crime boss, a blackmailed CEO, a bank planning to go public and reap a fortune. Now only Barrow can prevent the murder of an innocent man and stop a mobster from building an evil empire. Dirty Money is a fast-paced crime thriller that will keep you turning pages until the very end. If you like books by Harlan Coben, Jeffery Deaver, John Sanford, Robert Parker, Robert Crais, Stieg Larrson and others like them, you’ll love Dirty Money. What readers are saying: This crime thriller had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The writing is engaging and the plot filled with twists and turns that kept me guessing. The characters are well-developed and the action is fast-paced. – JMD I really enjoyed this book! It was incredibly tense throughout and I found it hard to put down! It is absolutely jam-packed with action and mystery but, unlike many other books like this, the story line was well thought through and clever. – EW When money laundering and crime are involved, you know this will be a good book. Lots of twists and turns. In today's world, this almost feels like it's a true story because of the realness of the storyline. A fun read! - KGS I was hooked from the first page. An intense plot, interesting characters like Jake the investigator who can't let anything go undone. The story keeps getting deeper and you won't want to put it down. I can't wait to read another of his books. - MKN
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