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Evil Twin by Richard Dietz

Faversham is a picturesque, quiet, rural community where not much ever happens. Crime is nearly non-existent and residents don't even lock their doors at night. That all changes in a heartbeat when a string of shocking and violent murders rocks the town in a short span of just 3 weeks. The victims include an 86-year-old widow and a 16-year-old aspiring high school volleyball champion. What do they have in common? Police are left baffled and overwhelmed with no suspects or leads. The Dunphy family lives across the street from where the shocking murders have taken place. They moved to this small town to escape big city crime. But they also harbor a secret that they're trying to escape. Perhaps it is the very thing that's unleashing this nightmare upon Faversham. (For more short horrors, zombies, ghosts, and monsters, check out: