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Fallen Angel by G.K. Parks

She’s desperate for help, and only one man is arrogant enough to try to save her… Bruised and scared, Jade McNamara is ready to escape the abusive relationship she has found herself in, but there’s a catch. Her boyfriend’s a cop. He won’t let her leave him. He’s already threatened to kill her if she tries. And he’ll break every rule in the book to get her back. Desperate to save her and prove Cross Security will one day become the greatest security and investigation firm in the country, Lucien Cross pits himself against a monster who wears a badge and has a gun. For Lucien, it’s a matter of pride. He has to do this to prove his worth, not only to future clients and Jade but also to himself. Being unprepared for the war he’s waging could cost him his business, his freedom, and possibly even his life, but he’s willing to put everything on the line to save her. But is it enough?
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