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Friends in Need by Elliott Hay

What will these grannies do when murder’s not an option? Every day, Peggy, Carole, and Madge get together to knit, drink tea, and exchange juicy titbits of gossip. Occasionally, they indulge in a bit of murder … but only when strictly necessary. When a tumble down the stairs lands one of their friends in hospital, Peggy, Carole, and Madge don’t believe it was an accident. They come together to protect her. But this case isn’t as straightforward as they’d hoped. For starters, this time, murder’s off the table – but not for the reasons they’re all too used to hearing. Without resorting to lethal methods, will Peggy, Carole, and Madge find a way to help their friend? Friends in Need is a short story in the forthcoming Vigilauntie Justice series – cosy(ish) noir(ish) stories set in London. The stories do have on-page violence but it's never graphic. There's minimal swearing and no romance or sex – but there's heaps of queer content and found family.
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