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"Tim Harris burns down the fences separating genre lit from the serious stuff. His great creation, Thomas Kyd...makes a welcome return in this superb book that sets a fresh standard for the field. Tim Harris is writing better than ever." - Jay Cocks, screenwriter, Gangs of New York Thomas Kyd Investigates - Book 1 Meet Thomas Kyd, private investigator. He's the guy who picks up the cases that Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe didn't stick around to handle. ‘Maybe if I'd followed my real impulses towards Laura Cassidy, a tragedy could have been averted. Maybe not...’ The first time Kyd saw her she was driving out of an underground garage with a naked man spread-eagled on the front of the car. Somewhat less than a typical damsel in distress, but Kyd helped out all the same. Laura was irresistible. She was also a pathological liar and a junkie. Perhaps if she hadn't married a screenwriter and orgy-enthusiast Kyd wouldn't have got himself knee-deep in a case where the light at the end of the tunnel is the glare of the oncoming train… Goodnight and Good-bye is a brilliant detective story that draw on the traditions of classic noir fiction. Praise for Thomas Harris "No one since Chandler has captured the excess that is L.A. as well as Harris." - Robert A. Baker & Michael T. Nietzel, from Private Eyes; One Hundred and One Knights, A Survey of American Detective Fiction 1922-1984 "At long last, someone has hit the bull's-eye dead center...Tim Harris has succeeded in bringing Chandler's vision to bear upon a more frightening time than even Marlowe may have been able to stomach." - New West Magazine "The best of its kind...a must....Goodnight and Goodbye has something for every hard-boiled fan...a strong blending of all the classical elements that earmark the true private eye tale." - Mystery Magazine Timothy Harris was born in Los Angeles and attended schools in Africa, Europe and New York. His later education was at Charterhouse and Peterhouse College, Cambridge. His three L.A. crime novels featuring Thomas Kyd are considered some of the finest of the genre. Harris' has had an equally successful career as a producer and screenwriter of numerous films including Trading Places, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Space Jam, and Falling Down. He now lives in London with his family.
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