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Guilty Pleasures by Kitty Thomas

"Kitty Thomas is a one-click author for me!" -Anna Zaires, NYT Bestselling author of Twist Me She was a bored housewife until she was taken and trained for the pleasure of the highest bidder. Vivian Delaney’s life seems privileged on the outside, but behind closed doors she’s trapped in a gilded cage. Her loveless marriage soon drives her into the arms of a charming and seductive Russian who says all the right things and knows exactly how to touch her. But Anton is more than he seems. After gaining her trust, he lures her to a secret estate in the middle of nowhere where she will be trained and sold to the highest bidder. Suddenly all of her fantasies have gotten just a little too real. Can she surrender to the ruthless desire of the man who will claim her as his? All the books in the Pleasures House series are interlocking standalones and can be read in any order.
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