ICE GENESIS by Kevin Tinto

ICE GENESIS is Volume II in the bestselling ICE Trilogy series! The Americans and Russians are racing toward nuclear confrontation over a mind-blowing find under the ice in Antarctica. The American Executive Branch is in meltdown over the President’s order to detonate a highly classified Iso-Hafnium nuclear device in Antarctica, killing a platoon of Navy SEALs and the same number of Russian Special Operation, Spetnaz. Having escaped the President’s plan to eliminate them, Dr. Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson have the upper hand, thanks to a nuclear device hidden in the New Mexico desert. This leverage will only last so long, and the key to unlocking the mystery lies with twenty-eight Native American cliff dwellers, who survived more than eight hundred years under the ICE in stasis. While Leah tries to untangle the secrets of the ‘Ancients,’ Jack Hobson is trying to protect Leah and the Ancients while being drawn into another mystery: are there more of these high technology caches? If so, how will they secure them before other interested parties, including the Russians, locate them? As Leah learns, the key to the mystery is one of the Ancients. A Lakota Shaman named Appanoose. He has no interest in cooperating with Leah, just as she learns stunning new facts about the Ancients and what happened to them more than eight hundred years ago. Leah and Jack find themselves the targets of the US government, foreign powers, and even the Ancients in the thrilling follow-up to ICE!
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