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Step into the dark and treacherous world of Salem, where a witch hunt has ignited a sinister series of events. As hysteria grips the town of Salem, Charity becomes the target of a relentless assailant. Her step-mother, accused of witchcraft, meets a grim fate at the gallows, yet the attacks persist. Seeking a refuge, Charity's father, Osborne, sends her to his property in Dansford's Farms near Boston, but the danger persists. The farm holds secrets of its own. The former tenant, Philip, was wrongly executed for a crime he did not commit, leaving the property tainted with rumors of a haunting. As Osborne and Philip's cousin, Liam, work to solve the mystery of the farm, they discover a wider conspiracy at work in the colony. When the living join forces with the dead, will the four successfully save Osborne's farm, solve the murders, and put an end to the darker forces?
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