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In a Flash by Lori Lacefield

Brutal hate crimes. A country seething with rage. Can a dedicated FBI agent weave together the truth before racial tensions explode? "Who's the puppet and who's the puppeteer? A suspenseful, cautionary tale. Wow." - Linda V. "Ripped from the headlines!" - Stacy M. North Carolina. Frankie Johnson finally has a chance at a normal life. With a new relationship giving her hope, the lead FBI profiler is jarred back to grim reality when a young Black activist’s homicide lands on her desk. And she’s shocked to open the file and discover that in modern America a man can still be hunted down and lynched. Learning a white supremacist group could be behind it all, Frankie is desperate to keep the rising friction of the case from tarnishing her budding romance. But just as she and her team make headway, violence erupts with more innocent victims paying the fatal price. Can she stop the vicious carnage before it consumes the nation? In A Flash is the no-holds-barred third book in the FBI Local Profiler thriller series. If you like driven and appealing heroines, stories ripped from the headlines, and hard-hitting investigations, then you’ll love Lori Lacefield's relentless thrill ride. Buy In A Flash to unravel the twisted heart of man today!
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