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Indian Billy Ice by Jerry Stephen Ice

In the 18th century Appalachian frontier, an 8-year-old boy finds himself ensnared by a nomadic Indian tribe, mesmerized by the fiery hue of his family's red hair, which they believe harbors mystical powers. Years pass, and the boy, now a teenager, manages to break free from his captors, driven by a burning desire for revenge. With each passing season, he hones his survival skills, all the while haunted by memories of his tormentors. As he matures, the young man becomes a formidable force on the frontier, dispensing his own brand of justice to those who cross his path. Along the way, he finds himself embroiled in the conflicts of the time, serving in every war that marks his era. Despite the turmoil of battle, he never forgets his ultimate goal: to reunite with his family and carve out a life of his own. Eventually, fate leads him back to his kin, and with them, he establishes a wilderness community, a sanctuary in the untamed lands he has come to call home. Through hardship and triumph, he remains steadfast in his commitment to protect his loved ones and uphold the values of his rugged existence. This is the true story of my great-great-great-grandfather, William Galloway "Indian Billy" Ice.
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