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Jane Doe Black by Nia Forrester

She dedicated her life to working for the justice system, but when she needed it most, it didn’t work for her. On the eve of trial, Assistant District Attorney Lainey Abbott gets a disturbing phone call. Her baby sister, Stephanie, who should have been back at her college dorm after visiting for the weekend, never arrived. At first, she isn’t too worried, because she’s a system insider and has plenty of resources available to locate her sister quickly, including Russ Sanders, the police detective she’s been on and off with for years. It’ll take a couple days, tops. They’ll find Steph and give her a piece of their mind for being so irresponsible. But a year later, Stephanie still hasn’t been found. And what’s worse, the system Lainey once had so much faith in, no longer seems inclined to look. Reeling from the loss, her career and personal life are in freefall, and most days she can’t even bring herself to care. Until another case surfaces, of a girl who’s gone missing under strikingly similar circumstances to Steph’s ...
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