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Juniper Isle by Ava Roberts

"I literally couldn't wait to read this book every night! I haven't read a book that has kept me this enthralled in a long time... "--Goodreads Reader Review What if you awoke on a girls getaway... and found a dead body in your garage? What if your best friend told you not to call the police? A getaway to a lush vacation rental with her dearest friend, Camilla, is just what Abby needs after a tough break up. Back on the island where Abby spent her childhood, she comes face-to-face with her first love, Micah, on the weekend before his wedding to another woman. Abby finds herself agreeing to attend the ceremony. But not everyone wants her there. Threatening notes appear. Personal items are stolen from her room. Soon, Micah's invasive, dysfunctional family is making her life miserable, and a long buried scandal resurfaces. As Abby realizes it may have been a mistake to return to the island, a hurricane approaches, and half of the wedding party gets trapped at Abby’s house during the storm. As wind and rain hammer the house, tempers flare, secrets are revealed, and Abby learns that danger comes from the least expected place. And by morning, one of them is dead. See what everyone's saying about JUNIPER ISLE: "This thriller is a roller coaster ride from start to finish. I was hooked from the first page and extremely entertained until the satisfying conclusion."--Goodreads Reviewer "OMG! What a premise. I quickly got into this and found myself thinking “just one more chapter”....A cleverly thought out, well crafted plot line, a highly recommended read." -- Nicki's Book Blog "I loved this book." --Goodreads Reader Review "A great debut!! JUNIPER ISLE is a mystery, a murder, a coverup, and a love triangle all wrapped into one with a “who can you trust” group of characters. Mystery fans and women‘s fiction fans will enjoy Ms. Robert‘s debut." --Elizabeth of Silver's Review "... Will be adding Ava Roberts to my favorite Author list." --Goodreads Reader Review "Robert knows how to create an atmosphere, I could feel the warm breeze on my skin. The book has twists and turns, and you don’t want to miss anything." --Goodreads Reader Review "What a thriller this book is. It is definitely a book you can't put down once you start reading it. The plot twists are so unexpected. Just when I thought I knew where the story was going, it took an unexpected turn. You won't be bored with this book. You will want more. Highly recommend." --Goodreads Reader Review
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