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This is the second of six books where Kevin Wilks comes of age. Thrown into the world of magic and mystery, he now must start believing things he had only read about in books as true. This is hard for Kevin as he only believes in things told or shown to him if there is always further evidence to prove this. On his second quest given to him by the master wizard of all time Merlin, Kevin meets even more magical folk and mystical creatures on this journey. Although the title states Kevin Wilks and the Mirror of souls, there actually is no mirror involved. The mirror that shows all is hidden deep in the book so see if you can find it and think what it is all about. In this second quest, Kevin meets many magical folk that still live today thought to have past away many years ago back in the medieval ages. Kevin must use his cunning on one person called the Father of the Gods. Although Kevin is about to turn fourteen very soon, it is noted that he still has the strong mannerisms and still continues to question things even though he knows that his whole world has been turned upside down since understanding that he is a wizard in a totally different world now. Follow Kevin, his brother Paul and all his friends both old and new, on this magical quest and let yourself become kevin meeting all these interesting folk and creatures in this fantastic fantasy world.
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