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KILLJOY by Gail Meath

What's your worst fear? It’s a spooky whirlwind of ghosts and magic in this fun yet deadly 1920s cozy thriller. New York City, 1923 The suspicious death of a chorus girl sends PI Jax Diamond and his courageous canine partner, Ace, to the oldest theater on Broadway. At the murder scene, they stumble upon a clue too bizarre to share with the cops or with Jax’s sweetheart, who would definitely make a haunted mountain out of this eerie little molehill. But one bizarre clue leads to the next. Laura Graystone, Broadway star and Jax’s fiancée, drags her friends into the investigation after she’s scared out of her wits and finds another dead body. Convinced the ghost of a famous chorus dancer is behind the murders, they follow the eerie clues and end up in the slammer. As Jax digs deeper, even he begins to wonder if the elusive killer is as dead as the victims. (Easily read as a standalone)
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