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Nora Bauer, once Hollywood’s elite fixer, now finds her reputation shattered. Exposing a crime rather than concealing it has rendered her a pariah in an industry where secrets are currency. When Daphne Belle, a faded actress desperate for a comeback, enlists Nora’s help to avoid tabloid scandals, it seems like a straightforward gig. But after a night they can’t remember, filled with drinks, drugs, and decisions they wish to forget, Nora and Daphne awaken to a scene straight from a horror film: they’re drenched in blood with zero memory of how it happened. The duo’s frantic quest to piece together the night leads them into the darkest corners of Hollywood, a place far removed from its shimmering veneer. As they delve deeper, whispered secrets in dive bars and encounters with shadowy criminals reveal a chilling conspiracy. Nora and Daphne face a critical choice: uncover the truth and risk everything, or become the next victims of Hollywood’s sinister underbelly. Last Night Never Happened is a riveting thriller by best-selling authors Sean Platt and Nolon King, where every page tightens the noose of suspense around the throat of Hollywood.
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