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Luck of the Witch by K.E. O'Connor

There's a little bad in every good witch! When Tempest Crypt's not chasing demons outside her magical home of Willow Tree Falls, she's running her bar and seeking the perfect triple chocolate brownie. They help to remove the taste of demon! Things turn dark for the Crypt family when her sister, Aurora, is arrested for Deacon Feathers' murder. As a front-runner in the local mayoral election, Deacon was a popular public figure, and no one is happy he was killed. Tempest must go head to head with Angel Force, the bumbling group of angels who keep the peace, to save her sister. But with too many suspects, too little time, and a troublesome demon to keep in check, she has her back against the wall. Along with her feisty four-legged sidekick Wiggles - a cake-obsessed hound with a difference - Tempest must solve this murder before Aurora goes to jail for a crime she didn't commit. If you like witchy cozy mysteries with fun, fabulous characters and puzzles to figure out, you’ll love this magic-filled, cozy paranormal mystery witch series. Start with Luck of the Witch and look forward to 16 more magical mysteries.
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