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Missed Me by Trevor Wiltzen

How far would you go to protect your family? Mabel Davison faces every family's worst nightmare. She is drawn away from her small-town diner in the Pacific Northwest and into a desperate search. Her troubled, orphaned niece, Kerry, disappears after a frightening pattern of eight missing marginalized girls in the region emerges. As she digs deeper, she lands in the crosshairs of the racist drug lord, Karl Larson, who rules this land with an iron hand. Tensions rise as violence is threatened, and the intimidated Sheriff and her neighbors rebel against her, warning her to back down. But fearing Kerry's life is at stake, a frantic Mabel decides she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands. But just how far will this mother go to protect her family? -- Set in an atmospheric mountain town in the 1980s, Missed Me is part of the award-winning Mabel Davison mystery series and features a cast of intriguing characters and a standalone, thrilling story to keep readers on the edge of their seats to its shocking end. -- "As enjoyable and unputdownable as the first!" — Scott Hayes, St. Albert Gazette. "Action-packed drama, mystery, and suspense that will keep you intrigued till the very end!! A new favorite author!!" — R. Heart, Goodreads reviewer "Wiltzen crafts another sensational story!" M. Pechey, Goodreads reviewer
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